Glifnirn Greftnel Oneshoe

A truly good-hearted gnome, Glif is often dismissed for his erratic decisions and outrageous pranks.


Level 1 Wizard (Evocation)
First Appears: Into The Fangwood


Forsaken by his parents for not bearing the Oneshoe line’s innate magical abilities, Glif was sent away to learn the secrets of wizardry at a very young age. Learning the basics of spellcasting in his hometown of Tamran, Glif’s mentor was not fond of his antics, and before he even chose his bonded item he was sent away to Kassen in the Fangwood, to learn under Holgast.

Unbeknowst to Glif, however, Holgast is reputed as perhaps the laziest mentor in all of Golarion, using his apprentices more as servants than attempting to actually teach them anything. The only magic anyone ever learned from him is by rooting through his spellbooks, a pastime Glif would come to thoroughly enjoy.

Followed by his childhood friend Hassimi, who too had been cast out by his family, he set off for Kassen, without a thought to the adventures soon to come.

Glifnirn Greftnel Oneshoe

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