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Due to the size of this campaign, all info pages have been divided based on chapter, and thus relative location. Click on a chapter title to get started!

Into The Fangwood
Into The Haunted Forest
Crypt of The Everflame
Hollow’s Last Hope
Welcoming Committee
Master of The Fallen Fortress
Hangman’s Noose
Flight of The Red Raven
Dawn of The Scarlet Sun
Hungry Are The Dead
Crucible of Chaos
Kortos Isle

The Black Fang campaign takes place in the Pathfinder main setting, the Inner Sea Realm of Golarion. Information on this setting can be found on the fanmade, canon, Pathfinder Wiki. Places and names, along with custom places I have generated, may contradict what you find on this wiki. Any confusions you have will probably have an entry on the relevant chapter page. If not, please comment or speak to me in person!

All pathfinder rules can be found on the Pathfinder OGC.

I use a partial ruleset, the details on which can be found here.

Main Page

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