Custom Rules

In my campaigns, I use only select rules from what Paizo has published. If you have any rules questions, whether about which rules I use, why, or how the rules I do allow work, please comment!

As the first rule, I as the GM reserve the right to admit or prohibit ANY rule during ANY instance. Generally, I’d rather be a rules nazi, but sometimes certain things just don’t fit in my viewpoint and I have to say no. Generally, if there is a current plot, backstory or roleplaying reason behind anything, I’ll grant it, but don’t get pushy. Know that if I have to say no more than three times, I cannot guarantee your character’s safety…


In my campaigns, a “Luck Roll” is a roll on a d100 that is used to determine random elements which the characters would not be conscious of (wandering monsters, random encounters, random magic item generation, etc). I will usually call these at the start of each match, but I may call for them mid-game as well.
If, on one of these rolls, you receive a critical success (95%-99%), you immediately receive a “Luck Card.” More on luck cards later.
If on one of these rolls, you receive a critical failure (0%-4%), your player becomes cursed. The GM, once during that module, adventure, or campaign chapter, may force your luck to fail, swapping whatever you had rolled on the dice to make your attempt with, with a 1 (regardless of the possible minimum value for the relevant dice combination), or cause your character to make a fumble of some sort. If the GM does not use this opportunity during the duration of the adventure, you may count yourself lucky and remove the curse.

Luck cards are custom benefits which I provide to players if they think of something clever, roleplay extremely well, or do something on the table which impresses the GM. This is a card from a normal deck of cards that can be used to gain magical benefits for your character. At any time you may call the use of one of your cards, or combine them into hands (which are the exact same as poker hands) for even greater benefits! By default, you may call the “backside” of any card for a +1 on any die roll (which may be multiplied, and stacks with other card benefits), or, if you have a hand or a face card, you may call it face up to see what specific benefits it provides. The benefits are geared towards combat, so I recommend you only use them in times of dire need!

These combined effects provide me with a way to reward players without having to offset the average party level, loot, or XP.

General Rules

When an AC, DC, or other number is specified for you to roll against, you succeed if you roll OVER it. Equal or less counts as a failure.
If you like, you can always roll using 3d6 instead of 1d20, with a 17 or 18 counting as a critical success and a 3 or 4 as a critical failure. This generates a bell curve around 10, and produces more consistent die rolls.

Attributes, Classes, and Races

For attributes, I use the “six rolls of 4d6, discarding the lowest die roll” rules.
If any roll would be less than 7, it automatically is raised to 7, but may not be rerolled.
Using the points buy system, if a character’s attribute points would be less than 20, the scores must be rerolled.

I currently only accept core classes, none of the other base classes from player suppliments.
I accept all prestige classes that have been published by Paizo, and may accept those from ohter sources on an individual basis.
I also accept any and all classes from 3.5, but since XP requirements for levels are higher in Pathfinder than 3.5, you may be paying more than necessary for your powers!

I accept the core races, as well as other non-planetouched races from the website (goblins, kobolds, etc). I may accept custom races or races from other sources on an individual basis.
If you would like to play a planetouched race, simply take levels in sorcerer of the equivalent plane, and you may modify your appearance accordingly (horns, vestigial wings, skin colour, etc).
I rarely accept bestial races, such as gnolls, bugbears, or orcs, due to their barbaric nature.


Flanking does not permit an attack bonus to flankers! Instead it causes the flanked creature to lose its Dex bonus to AC.


I accept all spells and magic rules from the Core Rulebook only.
I generate magic items from the Core Rulebook, but I’ll accept most of the magic items Paizo has published, and may accept those from other sources on an individual basis.

Custom Rules

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