Hassimi Svork

Although he is often quite blunt, Hassimi is surprisingly spiritual for a dwarf, provoking a feeling of calm wherever he goes.


Level 1 Monk
First Appears: Into The Fangwood


The Svork’s are a close-knit Dwarven family that owns and operates a profitable shipping and ferrying business on the docks of Tamran. They have always been known for their hard-working attitudes and clear business policies, attitudes that have made them comfortably wealthy.

The family has little care for anything academic, magical, or spiritual; thus, when Hassimi announced he would seek to learn the secrets of Irori and become a monk, the family immediately shunned him. His parents would not permit his brothers to speak to him, and evicted him from their home.

He lived nomadically in the capital, taking refuge in the many back alleys of the ramshackle city, until he heard of his childhood friend Glif’s intentions to leave to Kassen. Still having some wealth to his name, he leapt upon the opportunity to leave Tamran, in the hopes he could escape the torments of his family life.

Hassimi Svork

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