Annastrianna Siannodel

An elf in unfortunate circumstances, Anna wants nothing more than freedom in the wild.


Level 1 Ranger
First Appears: Truscan’s Farm, Into The Fangwood


An unfortunate financial circumstance, of which she is hard pressed to speak, landed Anna under the employ of Farmer Truscan, as one of his “girls.” Of her life before that she remembers little, but she has always felt a deep connection with nature. Surprisingly, she can see the benefit of industry and doesn’t particularly dislike cities, although she would fight to the death to protect the wild places of the world.

She seeks to escape, one day, and find a mentor in the north to teach her the ways of Rangers she has heard so many tales of, but until then, she keeps a smile on her face and bides her time.

Annastrianna Siannodel

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