Black Fang


Before you stands a slim man, with a haughty expression and an air of entitlement.

You inquired with the guards and met with Truscan himself.

Farmer truscan

He greeted you with:

“Well, either you’re a tourist fed some drunken tale about the riches left in Black Fang’s cave, or you’re a group of adventurers about a month too late for the thousand gold on Black Fang’s head.
Thankfully, you’ve caught me in an accommodating mood, so you may have a moment of my time. What is your business here?”

Upon describing your need for work, he said:

“I should have known better than to give away free rounds at the Inn to my workers. Drunken mouths pass many a tale. Nonetheless the rumours are, admittedly, true. And since you seem like the adventuring type, I think I do have some work for you all.
You see, I’ve been pestered for the past month or so by some sort of bandits. First it was merely a crop or two tempered with or stolen, a few livestock, but then my workers and guards reported figures in the night until a few days ago whoever these people are managed to sneak into my office, take a whole chest of my hard-earned profits and even get away with parts of my collection of magic items! Potions mostly. I have an odd interest in the arcane.
I’ve been tight-lipped about it thus far, as I don’t think the folk around here could bear seeing such a figure so easily disrupted.”

You know he is a prominent local figure, businessman, and mogul in the Southern Fangwood.

He then offered you some work, saying:

“Now let’s get down to details. My guards have managed to find tracks which lead off in the direction of Black Fang’s cave, and since these thefts started about when Black Fang was pronounced dead, I have a feeling it has something to do with that cave!”
“As I have no profits, and my workers are already going on HALF pay plus meals at the Inn, I cannot pay you. However, I will permit you onto my lands if you can find the source of this and put an end to it. Included you may keep all of the valuables you find, even my lost profits, if found. Do we have a deal?”

You agreed, and he introduced Anna. She stepped out the side door of a large red barn. Although the main doors were closed, you notice the barn has windows cut into it with flower beds at each one, and the place looks far more decorated than any other part of the farmland which you stand in now.

He introduced her to you, saying:

“Anna my darling, these adventurers are here to deal with our thieves. Would you be so kind as to show them the way to our cave? Do get yourself a pack from the cabin, too, in case you run into any mishaps. And be swift would you? we can’t keep customers waiting…”

With that, he bade you “bonne chance,” and walked into a ranch-style home, with a large front porch, all painted a brilliant white, which is obviously his home and office.


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