Black Fang


You all realize that if you want to keep travelling, you're going to need to make some gold, and fast.

After the tale, you all realized you had been pickpocketed. You all began to chase after the dwarf, who was joined by a rogue fitting the description of Oren’s tale. After a fight on the run, Glif cast a fireball which obliterated the dwarf, but the rogue got away.
You returned, found lodging, and taking some advice from the Innkeeper, decided to go to see Farmer Truscan about his troubles with “The Cave,” but not before purchasing some items in the town of Sandbridge.
The town has a large bridge running over the river formed entirely out of natural sandstone, after which the town was named.
You arrived at a large wooden gate, flanked by tall wooden fences. Two guards stand in front of a tall wooden entryway, which bears a sign reading “Truscan’s.”


PiRSkwared PiRSkwared

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