Black Fang

Into The Fangwood

The southern Fangwood has been experiencing some odd occurences lately...

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As Brit’ta entertains thoughts of adventure as she walks down a gravel path, and as Hassimi and Glif lie in a cart that bumps and shudders as it is dragged along the dirt path, all of you cannot help but notice the eerie silence that blankets the night. Even those of you unfamiliar with the Fangwood could imagine that, by this time of spring, all sorts of animals should be able to be heard. The rustle of raccoons and rabbits, the fluttering of birds, the buzzing of insects, all elements you notice are lacking from tonight.
Yet, just as you all cannot shake the feeling of something wrong, neither can you shake the feeling of destiny. This is the calm before the storm, a storm that each one of you, regardless of your backgrounds, know will take you to an entirely different shore.
Brit’ta sees lights in the distance, and just as she begins to shiver from the chill of the night, an inn comes in to view. The name “The Leaky Flagon” can be read on the sign above the door.
Glif and Hassimi feel their caravan come to a stop, and they hop out to be greeted by the same image of a foaming mug.
Just as you all go for the door, you hear a taunt from the darkness, and two figures emerge, demanding your coinpurses, or your lives.


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