Welcome to the page of my campaign, Black Fang! Due to the size of our party (or parties, as sometimes I am forced to split you all into two) I am using this page to organize all the characters, happenings, etc. If any of you are confused about anything happening in the campaign, or want to look over what’s happening in both parties, check out the tabs above!

The Adventure Log shows a quick recap of each session. If you missed a session, or want to look over what he other party is up to, check there!
The Wiki provides background information on the world of Golarion and how your characters might fit into it, along with any custom places or modifications I’ve made.
The Characters tab contains basic stats and background information about all of the characters and NPCs you have encountered. If any player takes issue over something I’ve written there, or would prefer to write their own section, please comment or let me know in person!
The Items tab shows stats and info on all the items your party has collected.
The Forum is a place for free discussion, and a great place to suggest any changes you think should be made (you, as a player, do have the power to slightly alter the reality I’ve created!).
The Calendar is not being used; sessions are usually 6:00pm – 10:00pm Friday nights, exceptions will be dealt with on a personal basis.
The Maps section allows you to view the map of Golarion as a google map! I haven’t got it working yet but it’ll be cool.
And finally, any general comments on the campaign totally go in the comments section.

-Pi R Skwared

Black Fang

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